The Art of T-shirt painting

The Art of T-shirt painting

where to purchase antabuse I remember when I painted my 1st T few years ago I was careless and relaxed about it. I did it for my own satisfaction, feeding my curiosity. That day I was so excited about the process there was no power that could stop me. At that point I run my nicely growing design enterprise. So painting was an easy  relaxed exercise to fulfil own pleasure.

click here to investigate Do you feel the same when you create something for the 1st time? Like you really don’t care about outcome… there is only need to explore.

You know that feeling when crazy energy sends sparkles in the air yet it is calm and relaxing.

Perfect balance ❤

Across years since that 1st exploration I got to design so many inspired creations. Each T carries a BIG and IMPORTANT story. Story of another human being, their little passions, fantasies…no limits in that pure creative flow.

The energy has changed a bit since that 1st T. First it become add to my enterprise… little colourful expression… but over time it grew even more. Photoshoots, gifts, collaborations…from friends to people I never met.

Being a human with a living heart I experience range of emotions, and days in laughter as well as tears. And they deeply matter. They enrich and grow me.

No matter how I feel, every time I have brush in my hand and open pots of paints I relax and enjoy the moment.

The Art of T-shirt painting

Recently I explored art of Tshirt painting even deeper. Creating orchid painted in new textures was a journey I truly enjoyed. It was for me. For Bjork’s concert. And then I remembered I did feel exactly the same last time I was creating one for another concert. Almost 2 years ago. 

When I looked at them both today I smiled as it added perspective to everything. So many days have passed since, so many new enriching experiences yet the feeling of happiness of pride persisted.

Sometimes I am so focused on the process, rushed by the dead-lines, pressured by finances I become blind and loose the purity of the enjoyment of the process I treasure so dearly deep in my heart. 

Thank you for being part of my journey ❤

Have a beautiful and colourful day.



I have been asked what paints I have used for that Orchid T:

  1. Pebeo Setacolor Expandable Paint
  2. Pebeo Setacolor Suede Effect
  3. Pebeo Setacolor Light Fabrics in Fluorscent colours
  4. Setacolor 3D in Mettalic and Brod’perle

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