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navigate to these guys Remember stepping into a sweet shop as a child. Excited about colourful wraps…shelves of never-ending beauty, smell and promise of taste.

Imagine picking one item and on your way spotting beautifully shiny another one.

Smile on face with child in heart you plan what makes you happiest…the order of unwrapping secret treasures 😊

This is how I feel every time I see new paints. Every colour brings different emotion…Every texture brings the sparkle into my eyes.

Whenever I can I go along with that childish passion and pure happiness and play.

This is how I felt when last year I was approached by Pebeo to play with some new paints. Beautiful Christmas present as I was able to do what I love. Try new paints, tools, textures…unwrap all goodies and experiment.

Days of fun.

Touching how they feel on canvas. Mat against glossy. Flat against 3d. The weight of the can and easiness and satisfaction when pressing pump for the first time 😊

When I was designing my presentation I wanted to make all participants feel the same…with every pot opening more magic. With every stroke smile. And the smell. Water based acrylics, some infused with lavender oil. Art therapy in every aspect.

Sweet Shop :) Week at NEC Birmingham

And for that reason my favourite tool must be the sponge. Soft and bouncy makes your smile go up to ears. It is like a softest children toy or relaxing squashy ball. No limits, pure fun 🙂

First shows happened last week and it was such a privilege to share my passion and ideas with you all.

I hope each of you creative people enjoys art and craft as a little trip. Bouncing sponge…spray…colours but most of all happiness of discovering new universe.

Sparkles and hopefully laughter… and lots of new questions… Just like that kid who stepped into our sweet shop.

As this is how we learn and grow magic in us.

Enjoy 😊


PS. Next show witll be Hobbycraft at NEC Birmingham 30 June – 2 July 2017.

Hope to see you there and if you have any questions please drop me a message.

5 + 4 =

Sweet Shop :) Week at NEC Birmingham