NATURE inspired designs

NATURE inspired designs

Why beetles?

where to buy nolvadex I love them! The colours, details, textures….so much inspiration…I love nature and used to design a lot with organic beings and this project was my way to tribute it in a way. Nature at its finest!

neurontin for social anxiety reviews Each beetle has been hand-painted onto fabric with fabric paints. I have used mixture of different textures to emphasise the richness of the beetles family. From matte and soft onto metalic and shiny they truly capture the eye 🙂

Then I photographed each painting and designed unique prints.

It has all started with painting 12 beautiful beetles to be a star of Calendar for 2018.

Calendar 2018 – limited edition included 12 A3 illustrations.

It is now sold out. Watch out for 2019 edition.

With great love and passion for nature, I have been working on a series of greeting cards, prints and t-shirts.  The complexity of the texture and colours of a tiny beetle inspired me to create my products which has been a great success with my clients here in the UK and abroad.

People really connect with nature’s message in the form of colourful insects such as beetles which most of us do not get to see, living in big cities.

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…and more printed dreams to come…


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