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Dark matter surrounding cosmos has always been a very special subject for me. For few reasons but one that really stands out is how this passion started. It was in my childhood when my grandfather would immerse our chats in those magical clouds of cosmic dust. Whenever I would visit his place new constellation would appear. He was a passionate historian and geographer who as long as I could remember was deeply hidden in big maps of the universe. It was his introvert side that was fascinated by the vast oceans of galaxies, stars and clouds. When I started preparing presentation for deco shows I wanted to create something very personal, poetic and not defined. I wanted to take people on an adventure into the depths of cosmos with sprays, dabs and splashes. I wanted to create landscape abstract yet familiar…forgiving the skill yet open to interpretation. I used the tools to guide the process to work in synergy not against them. And I wanted to bring that feeling of happiness and freedom I had whenever I was with my grandfather in his dream world.


buy modafinil norway You can watch the video from the process here. From the first cosmic clouds to formation of constellation this is my tribute to him and I hope you will enjoy it.


  1. I started by preparing the canvas with black gesso. Used wide flat brush to apply it and left it to dry.
  2. Now is time for creating cosmic dust and for that I used two colours of water based acrylic spray paints in Magenta and Turquoise . By changing the angle you can for different gradient and textures so have a piece of scrap paper on side and experiment. You can control the pressure depending on how hard you press on tip.
  3. After sprays have dried (it takes few minutes depending on temperature and humidity) I am applying next layer. This one consist of deco paint in Vivid Pink and Gold deco craft ink. I pour small amount onto plate and use craft sponge for that. Before use dampen sponge with water  and wring it into towel so no excess water. I used bubble stencil and bounced paint with sponge trough it. You can work without waiting for paint to dry but be gentle and don’t press too hard. I like bending corner of the stencil so easier to lift off.
  4. Then I used remains of paints freehand just to blend shapes bit more. Just bounce the sponge gently.
  5. Wait for paint to dry and use ruler or piece of board to draw constellation. I used gold marker. You can go as simple or as complex as you wish. Once the outer shape is done fill inside by connecting corner with lines. Then use marker to tap over image to create stars.
  6. Using masking tape block the created shapes on outside of the line and cover everything outside with scrap paper to only have constellation visible. Use gloss spray to cover whole surface.
  7. You can peel off the the tape and reveal the Galaxy.
  8. This is a great starting point for cosmic creations. You can explore different colours, textures. On a below take on galaxy I layered fluorescent spray paints and market together with all above and when it is exposed to UV light it creates new dimension.
  9. Enjoy

My next live demonstrations will take place at Art Fair at Patchings 13th – 16th July so if you will be around pop by and say hi (tent 20) 😊 Cannot wait.

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