How I paint T-shirts. From the design to paints

How I design and paint T-shirts? I absolutely love painting on fabric and even more so on T-shirts. Why? It is a very emotional creation that one always carries closest to their heart. It is about a story rather than an illustration… from designing the shapes onto choice of colours then textures… I thrive while playing with textures on old fabrics to see how they interact with each other. Swipe of the brush, stroke of the fingers or palette knife, pure poetry 🙂

priligy order in india So when few weeks ago I got an opportunity to display few hand painted T-shirts at London Film & Comic Con festival in London I jumped high with an excitement.

The thought of an amazing experience and pride were making adrenalin drive the creative spirits.

I started by sketching few concepts… initially by hand using pencils then once I had a vague idea of the direction I moved onto computer. Graphic design background comes really handy when working on concepts as I can work fast on various options…have I mentioned I had only few days to complete the final creation?

I decided to explore various directions inspired with both organic and cosmic patterns. I ended up with 3 main sketches and the outline of paints I wanted to use for the designs. Knowing I had a very limited time I could only complete one. One of the troubles I encounter while designing is attaching myself to each stroke which then makes it difficult to step away and pick the best one. I put 3 of them forward for my friends and other creative people for voting. And that proved very unhelpful as the votes were almost equal for each concept haha.

So I decided to attempt to paint all 3! I started with logistics to what needs doing first then setting. Layers were very important as I was using various techniques and textures which required different treatment in order to set them as well as for effect to present itself. I used glue with gold leaf, expanding texture paint as well as 3d paints for outline and beading. If I got the order wrong I wouldn’t be able to complete the design on time.

It is part of the excitement of the creative process… bit that requires clarity in order to work…well sometimes I get it better than others haha.

As I was laying Ts with sketches and required paints and tools colleague of mine suggested an interesting direction very different to ones I had explored. It had its origins in steampunk culture and I really liked its elements and off course my head went on the creative adventures independently to my hands focusing on painting 😉

So in between dots and strokes I sat at my computer and designed what come to my head…puffed textures, gold metallic ornaments, linear decorations and more dots… I think secretly I am addicted to those 3d paints.

So now I was painting 4 T-shirts trying to jiggle them between floor and my desk. I can almost paint without mistakes as that naturally flows but smudging paint while transferring T from one place to another is a skill I am still working on…so far with mixed results haha.

So all 4 Ts were happening and friend of mine come to take few pictures from the process 😊

There we moments of panic or mess when glue did not work way I liked or my clumsy hands smudged freshly dotted details but when I woke up on Friday morning to hand deliver and display them I felt nothing but humble pride.

Being an artist sometimes makes us vulnerable and insecure as our creations come from heart. I love presenting them to people but there is always underlying inner critic inside that makes that beautiful journey bit harder.

Luckily I have amazing friends and family who support all moments I go through: both happy and insecure ones and give me enough warmth to see my creations through their eyes.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this process here 🙂

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