How can I ever forget you...story of a T-shirt

How can I ever forget you…story of a T-shirt

Our experiences, passions, dreams. Everything adds to the global story of us. Each story adds layer, each experience brings new dimension, unique texture to our path. When I used to studdy at Art University years ago often I would bring music to class and blast it so loud our tutors would go crazy. But music was always a really important factor in my creations. From the sound landscapes onto lyrics it would take my imagination on a journey…layer by layer into new depths.

antabuse implant to buy At the time I started designing and painting T-shirts few years ago I started exploring music and stories using colours and textures. From shiny onto flat… glitters onto neon… there is no right or wrong just pure expression of my own perception.

Art is all about flowing sparkles that help us stay within that beautiful energy.

Few weeks ago I found out an artist, musician whom I used to listen while creating when I still lived in Poland was going to play in my home town…in a club I truly admire for passion in bringing people together.

So I decided I wanted to design a T inspired by her music. My tribute to her art.
Warmth and longing…smile and pulsating through veins music.

Pure inspiration.

Modern yet looking back into past.

I wanted to paint layers and allow each to take place of instrument… fuzzy bass… pulsating melody… crystal voice of sparkles.

From initial sketches onto detailed ideas the design was shaping.

Neon glitters… mixing colours of neon paints… pushing the project further into my dream.

There were moments when I lost faith only to pick the brush after walk and dive in again.

The poetry of creating and layering colours and textures is my driving force…

…and UV painting, sheer excitement when looking at creation in different light. Observing how it changes its dimension… from glitter into glow.


How can I ever forget you...story of a T-shirt