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cheap sunglasses lyrics My name is Wojtek. And here is my first hello post to get you closer to my passion, painting on fabrics 🙂

I am much better with brushes and writing always turns into a whole book… so grab yourself a cup of tea 😊

Hello worldIt all started with my grandfather  who was a very creative independent individual. He was always telling me about expressing myself and doing whatever made me happy and fulfilled…that rebellious streak never helped me at school haha. He was always obsessed about painting and paints. We would venture to art shops treasuring little pots of liquid gold and colourful paints. Then off course celebration of brushes was part of that adventures too. I would stare at him stroking each bristle into place with love and respect. I think that’s what started my path. I then ventured across years and schools researching my own voice gathering experiences and tools. Interior design, Graphic design, Make up artistry, Photography, Painting, Drawing, Music, Theatre..

5 years ago I resigned from my full time serious job and started Wojtek Design…Graphic design solutions was my punch line. I gathered great skills, more tools and worked on some amazing projects internationally but deep inside I craved to express my skills which at the time I still could not name precisely…

Hello worldI knew I wanted to reconnect with brushes. I always loved T-shirts. Back at school I always cut them, sewed them, bleached or painted something. The dream was to create an ultimate T for myself and for others. Just wasn’t sure how to proceed…till one day when I was working on a logo design for a barber shop in London. I presented 3 designs and client loved them and picked one but there was another one my heart liked… I decided to paint it on a T-shirt. I took few pictures while doing it and was posting it as I went. Finally my love for paint and T-shirts come together…and on top of that I used my grandfather’s old brushes to do it…the sparkles were coming through my fingers and I felt the universe opening to me. (I do get inspired with cosmic world. Its mysterious beauty, textures and colours)… the response was great. Suddenly I was designing and painting T-shirts for friends and their loved ones. Each T was different. The only connection they had were words written in gold glitter THE…CLUB with a phrase unique to them in between…In few days I painted ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’, ‘The Oriental Club’, ‘The Heart Club’ and many more… in a very short time everyone wanted to be part of the club…without a plan or structure Hnd Painted Club had started.

It has been just over 2 years since that moment. I created logo for HPC and the tag line was: BOLD. UNIQUE. PROUD. I was happy and privileged I could create individual designs for people who would wear them proudly on chest close to their heart. That become very important element of my brand. Each T has its own soul and story. None would be repeated unless for the same client. Each would be hand painted and hand wrapped in a gold tissue sealed with a brand sticker. That line was called BESPOKE.

Hello worldAt that point I got asked by people for more commercial designs so I sat down and designed line called SIGNATURE and directed a photo shoot to allow people to understand it and to help to launch it.

With the BESPOKE line establishing the individual designs and showing my skill to design and paint unique T-shirts I was approached by Pebeo, paint company. As I have used their fabric paints and loved them for textures and colour choice it was a privilege 😊 I designed a series of you tube tutorials on how to paint on fabrics.


No matter if I create for individual person, design my own projects or work with corporate clients each process starts in my heart and emotions. Truly inspirational experience as I absolutely love interaction via creation with people while doing what I love. The joy of creating makes me happy and fulfilled.

This is how it all has begun. Thank you for taking the time to hear my story and I hope you will enjoy my creative posts 😊

So hello world of T-shirts. And if you will have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with me 😊

Also if you want to know about my latest creations you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram @HandPaintedClub

Hello worldHugs